Friday, October 15, 2010

'True' Story !!!

When any sentence in this world with a reference to Hicks and Gillet contains the word 'true' , like the title of this post, it seems somewhat like an oxymoron. Isnt it? But then again, oxymoron contains the word moron. So all is well.

Anyway, I have done two amateur comic spoofs before on Chelsea and Pakistan. Obviously, those were fake and made up. This however, is not. This is a true story. Totally.

Gillet Junior

I hope I am not speaking too soon by doing this one. Pray. :)

Image Sources : Google.
Must See Video : Dear Mr Hicks


  1. Put the D to the G as the DG is back and how! Utilised your Puja holidays to bring out this fabulous and totally awesome strip!! True Story...

  2. Thanks soo much man... absolutely love ur comment. :) :)

  3. Good One...absolutely 'True' one

  4. one word- TRUE. says it all!! Glad they were "kicked" out :)