Saturday, May 8, 2010

My report on

EDIT : This post was the 8th most read post on FakingNews for the year 2010 out of 418 articles published. :) Delighted. Here is the list.

WHOAAA!!!!! What a day it was yesterday. There was nothing that could cheer me up more.
FakingNews, many many thanks. It felt great to be on such a kickass site. \m/

Here is the link : Do check out.

It is basically a spoof on the maddening and crazy reaction to The Man himself : Sachin Tendulkar joining twitter. I was part of the crazy reaction to this development too, and if it's of any use, I must add that I was amongst the first 100 followers of the Master. Achievement for me. :P

Cheers. :) :)

Edit (4th Jan 2011):
Just checked the stats on the FN site and Facebook page. Awesome response. Info from the site is 156Retweets and 601 Likes/shares on the page for Facebook. 164 people have liked it on the facebook page of Faking news. :) :)

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